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Kerry Johnson

As a senior advisor in Press Ganey's Strategic Consulting group, Johnson has more than 35 years of experience improving reliability and preventing safety events in nuclear power, transportation, manufacturing and healthcare. Johnson provides guidance on the development of high reliability strategy, curriculum, next level solutions and frameworks and participates in Press Ganey’s value-added high reliability learning series and Safety 2025 Initiative. Johnson was founding partner and chief innovation officer of HPI Consulting where he specialized in designing and implementing human performance reliability programs for large organizations, resulting in dramatically reduced event rates. HPI was acquired by Press Ganey in 2015. Johnson’s background includes root cause analysis for nuclear power events and the Texas A&M bonfire structure collapse, reliability improvement for the U.S. Department of Energy nuclear incident response and manufacturing production at Colorado Fuel & Iron. He has empowered safety culture improvements for more than half the nuclear power plants in the United States. Prior to forming HPI, Johnson was the chief operating officer of Performance Improvement International, technical advisor & assistant engineering manager for the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, and assistant chief test engineer at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.