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Focus on DEI to retain workers: Deirdre Mylod and Casey Willis-Abner at NCC 2022

Cassandra (Casey) Willis-Abner, Press Ganey’s chief human resources officer,  shares insights about what leaders are doing right now to address workforce retention—focusing specifically on nursing and early tenure issues.

Joining Willis-Abner will be Deirdre Mylod, Ph.D., executive director of the Institute for Innovation, who will share Press Ganey’s workforce engagement data to deliver insights into retention, particularly around the importance of developing a sense of belonging in your health care workforce. The data shows how perceptions about diversity and equity are key drivers for employee engagement and their intent to remain.

Willis-Abner and Mylod will demonstrate how this data can inform successful strategies that address your bottom line.

About the author

In a joint role as Executive Director, Institute for Innovation, and Senior Vice President, Research & Analytics, Deirdre is responsible for advancing the understanding of the entire patient experience, including patient satisfaction, clinical process, and outcomes. Through the Institute, Mylod partners with leading healthcare providers to study and implement transformative concepts for improving the patient experience. Deirdre is the architect of Press Ganey’s Suffering Framework, which reframes the view of the patient experience as a means to understand unmet patient needs and reduce patient suffering.

Profile Photo of Deirdre Mylod, PhD