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The critical role of nursing

Mary Jo Assi, assistant chief nursing officer, describes her role as a nurse and how it relates to the goal and mission of Press Ganey.

Video Summary

In this video, Mary Jo Assi, shares her unique perspective on nursing, derived from both her experience as a nurse and a patient. She stresses the unique aspects of nursing, such as the constant patient-care time in acute settings, and the significant size of the nursing workforce, which numbers 3.6 million. Assi emphasizes that when leveraged properly, this powerful force can bring about remarkable improvements in patient experience.

Video Transcript

"The Role of Nursing"

Mary Jo Assi, SVP Clinical Excellence Solutions and Associate Chief Nursing Officer

So, when I think about the mission of Press Ganey to reduce patient suffering, it brings to mind not only my role as a nurse, having been many years on the side of caring for patients directly, but also when I have experienced care on the other side of the equation and been a patient.

And so, I also approach my work from a place of empathy, understanding what that experience is like. The specific thing about nursing that is unique is the ways in which, and how, they spend time with patients, particularly in the acute care setting. So, you have a profession that really spends 24-7 with patients and is at their side through their entire experience, and that alone is unique.

When you couple that with the fact that nursing is the largest segment of the healthcare workforce, at 3.6 million nurses, it's a powerful force that really, when leveraged, can do incredible things to improve the patient experience.

About the author

Mary Jo is an Associate Chief Nursing Officer and Partner in Strategic Consulting, partnering with clients to lead strategies to achieve nursing and caregiver excellence by delivering compassionate connected care, strengthening caregiver resilience and engagement, and improving the health care practice and work environment. Prior to joining Press Ganey, she has worked as a clinician, nurse educator, advanced practice registered nurse and nurse executive. More recently, Mary Jo held the position of Director of Professional Practice and Magnet Program Director for ten years in both community hospital and academic medical center settings.Mary Jo served as an ANCC Magnet® Commissioner for six years and is a fellow of the American Academy of Nursing.

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