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Performance starts with empowerment: Intermountain Healthcare at NCC 2022

When Marc Harrison, MD, became CEO of Intermountain Healthcare in 2016, the system was struggling, with data showing low workforce and patient engagement. Five years later, Harrison and the system’s other leaders have turned things around at Intermountain and aspire to transform society by focusing on how more people can gain access to care, more equitably and more affordably. Hear from Harrison, who set a vision for Intermountain, and two other key members of the team who took the vision, set a strategy and made it operational.

Heather Brace, Intermountain’s senior vice president and chief people officer, developed a strategy focused on building leadership throughout the organization and empowering employees at every level to meet their full potential.

Sue Robel, senior vice president, Clinical Operations, and chief nursing executive, has focused on working to operationalize that approach throughout the organization, with a focus on transparent communication, positive relationships, visible leaders and elevating the caregiver’s voice.