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Workforce Well-Being Collaborative: Enriching healthcare employee resilience

During Press Ganey's Workforce Well-Being Collaborative forum, you will learn how measuring resilience serves as an early warning sign of burnout, view national resilience trends in context, and hear best practices for supporting the resilience of your workforce, enhancing safety, and mitigating burnout.

About the Presenter

In a joint role as Executive Director, Institute for Innovation, and Senior Vice President, Research & Analytics, Deirdre is responsible for advancing the understanding of the entire patient experience, including patient satisfaction, clinical process, and outcomes. Through the Institute, Mylod partners with leading healthcare providers to study and implement transformative concepts for improving the patient experience. Deirdre is the architect of Press Ganey’s Suffering Framework, which reframes the view of the patient experience as a means to understand unmet patient needs and reduce patient suffering.

Profile Photo of Deirdre Mylod, PhD