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New Era of Healthcare Series - Episode 9: How Northwell Health Improved Patient Access and Acquisition by Conquering the Consumer Web_092921

Now more than ever, patients rely on the internet to find and access care. But how they travel through the web to your "digital front door" isn’t linear, or even simple. While 83% of patients begin this journey on a search engine, they will typically use 4+ sites to research providers before deciding on one and booking an appointment.

By “listening” to patients, Northwell Health completely transformed its acquisition strategy. The team leveraged web analytics to understand patients’ digital behaviors and preferences and optimize their approach to getting patients through their actual front door. In this interactive webinar, Northwell’s Director of Digital Channel Strategy Ashleigh Churchward and Advisor of Digital Channel Strategy Elizabeth Pontillo walk through how they conquered the consumer web to meet patients where they are—and how they successfully expanded Northwell’s digital footprint and improved brand visibility online.

In this session, we cover:

Elevating your presence on the websites that matter to boost SEO How Northwell achieved exceptional listings accuracy How to optimize provider listings to increase patient traffic and conversions Preparing a digital footprint that lets you communicate critical information during COVID-19 surges and similar crises How Northwell is revolutionizing its find-a-doctor directory to improve patient engagement and drive more appointment bookings