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How leaders use Digital Communities to collaborate with consumers

With Digital Communities, you can open up a priceless stream of insights, bringing you closer to your healthcare customers. All through a simple-to-use, self-service platform. Learn how.

Video Summary

Dwight McBee from Jefferson Health and Julie Goldstein-Dunn from Henry Ford Health discuss how they're using digital tools to better understand and address the unique challenges faced by various patient populations. McBee highlights the importance of listening to historically marginalized groups and using these tools to create targeted strategies for improvement. Meanwhile, Goldstein-Dunn emphasizes the value of testing and getting feedback on changes as they're implemented to continually improve patient experience.

Video Transcript

Dwight McBee, Chief Experience Officer, Jefferson Health:

One challenge we're really excited about tackling in the new year is listening to our populations that might have historically been marginalized. Through some of the tools, we're looking to curate digital communities and through digital communities, we want to opt in, have a lot of our patients opt into our network. And through opting into our network, what we hope to learn is what's your unique challenge within the population. 

For example, what is the biggest challenge for our hearing-impaired patient population or the biggest challenge for maybe even some of our limited English proficient patient population or our chronic heart failure patient population? So through some of these tools, what we hope to do is be able to target some of our listening and then affect change in a very strategic way. 

Julie Goldstein-Dunn, Director, Experience Insights & Analytics, Henry Ford Health:

Being able to, as we make small changes in the experience, go out to a group of patients, a group of our team members and, you know, what do you think of these changes that we're planning? Now we've put them into action. How are they working for you? And being able to test incrementally along the way as we transform our front door. 

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