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Patient safety reporting: High reliability drives progress toward zero harm

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Advancing toward zero harm requires optimized safety reporting systems and patient safety solutions that deliver actionable insights.

Simply collecting safety data isn't enough. Organizations must reimagine healthcare reporting systems as key to optimizing learning and improvement—and drive toward zero harm.

About the author

Press Ganey, a leading healthcare performance improvement solutions company, offers an integrated suite of solutions that put Human Experience at the center of healthcare enterprise transformation. Delivered through a cutting-edge digital platform built on a foundation of data security, Press Ganey solutions address patient experience, healthcare consumer experience, workforce engagement, safety, clinical excellence and more. Guided by its team of renowned healthcare thought leaders, Press Ganey works with more than 41,000 healthcare facilities to reduce patient suffering, enhance caregiver resilience and improve the overall safety, quality and experience of care. Press Ganey is a PG Forsta company.

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