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Leading with love: Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

See how Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital is leading with love for their patients and families. View the video.

Video Summary

In the video, executives and patients at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital discuss their partnership with Press Ganey, their commitment to exceptional patient care, and the unique mission of their hospital. Joe DiMaggio’s CEO, Caitlin Stella, emphasizes their work with Press Ganey to prioritize patient love and service.

Chief Nursing Officer, Jineal Shinn, highlights their dedication to patient and family-centered care. A patient, Joshua Freckleton, and his mother, Stephanie Stewart, share their positive experiences at the hospital, with Joshua expressing his ambition to become a doctor to give back to the community. Jineal credits Press Ganey for providing tools that help understand and enhance the patient experience.

Video Transcript

Caitlin Stella, CEO, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital:

Children's hospitals are always different, but this one's really different. The two most important characteristics of a good partnership have to do with a partner that has a common core and a common mission. So I think with Press Ganey as a partner, we definitely share that same core, that we do it for the love of patients. We do it for the love of service to patients and being able to listen to them and start there. I think that's our philosophy of leading with love, and I think Press Ganey shares that same philosophy.

Jineal Shinn, Chief Nursing Officer, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital:

You know, we talk about patient and family-centered care all the time, but we really do have a focus on talking to the patient.

Joshua Freckleton, Patient, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital:

My name is Joshua Freckleton. I will be 14 this Friday. The staff makes the hospital glow. Just brightens up the place.

Lotsy Dotsy, Chief Fun Officer, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital:

I find that when I walk into these doors every day, I have the privilege and the honor, and I feel so blessed that I can get dressed like this and come in here, be with amazing people. I have the privilege to work and play and laugh and cry with them every day.

Stephanie Stewart, Joshua's mom:

I chose Joe DiMaggio because when I had Josh, he had a gut issue the day after. When they went inside, they found that 95% of his intestines were twisted like a rope.  And when they untwisted, he only had 5% left. So when my voice is being heard and I see that action is taken and stuff is getting done, I feel good within myself, and that has been what's been happening over the years with Joe DiMaggio.

Joshua Freckleton:

I would like to be a doctor when I grow up. I'd like to give back, because the first two years and two months of my life have been in this very hospital.

Jineal Shinn:

One of the most important benefits in collaborating with Press Ganey has been the tools that they've been able to offer us in really helping to understand the patient experience. Using the library of best practices through Press Ganey and understanding those questions more deeply has really helped our teams to be able to bring forth what those best practices are here at Joe DiMaggio.

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