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Workforce Well-Being Collaborative: Enriching Resilience_092321

Over the past 18 months, we’ve heard countless stories from across the industry of workforces experiencing burnout and diminished resilience. Our speakers address these critical challenges as well as discuss strategies for building and enriching resilience within the workforce.

Resilience is the opposite of burnout. It is a person’s ability to recover and remain engaged in their work, even under difficult circumstances. Understanding levels of resilience across your workforce—and any differences that exist between employee groups—is the first and critical step to supporting your employees. Being able to quickly detect the early warning signs of burnout will help you address and mitigate its severity when challenges arise.

During this learning forum, participants will learn: • How measuring resilience serves as an early warning sign of burnout. • National resilience trends in context. • Best practices for supporting the resilience of your workforce, enhancing safety, and mitigating burnout.


Deirdre Mylod, PhD SVP, Research and Analytics, Press Ganey Executive Director, Press Ganey Institute for Innovation

Stephanie Jones-Wood, MPH, CPHQ System Program Director for Engagement and Resiliency Houston Methodist Health System