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Workforce Well-Being Collaborative: Emotional and Mental Health - Tenets of Support_081921

Press Ganey's Workforce Advisor, Kyle Zaber, MA, South Metro Fire Rescue's Peer Support-Engineer/Wellness Manager, Chris Macklin, and FITOPS's VP of Performance and Well-Being, Ben Freakley, M.S., CSCS, discuss emotional and mental health within the workforce. Emotional and mental health are both a personal and workplace performance issue. Providing support for the mental health of your workforce can help provide preventative measures and mitigate the severity when response measures are required.

Learn more about how high performance industries, such as special operations forces, professional sport, and fire rescue, are investing in human capital services to optimize personal and workplace performance.

During this learning forum, participants will learn: • How to identify and amplify a champion/leader. • How to weave emotional and mental health within existing structures and culture. • How emotional and mental health support generates return on investment.


Kyle Zaber, MA Workforce Advisor Press Ganey

Chris Macklin Peer Support - Engineer/Wellness Manager South Metro Fire Rescue

Ben Freakley, M.S., CSCS VP - Performance & Well-Being FITOPS