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The CAHPS Advantage: How continuous listening drives 5-Star success

The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey evaluates member experience in healthcare. High CAHPS scores, which correlate with 5-Star Ratings in Medicare plans, signal a high level of service, which, in turn, directly impacts reputation and long-term loyalty with a given plan.

Unpacking continuous listening to enhance health plan member experience

As the name suggests, continuous listening involves gathering and analyzing real-time feedback from members on an ongoing basis. A proactive listening approach enables health plans to quickly address issues, enhancing member satisfaction and loyalty to consistently meet the expectations of their members. Member feedback offers valuable insights into healthcare services.

As many as 29% of members may not know which benefits are available to them in their current benefit plan. Identifying these members and educating them is crucial. Once members are aware of their benefits, continuous listening can pinpoint additional needed areas of improvement.

Health plans that implement continuous listening can reduce member complaints by up to 30%. Real-time feedback, which can be collected via Press Ganey’s Member Journey solution, lets health plans quickly take action to improve service adjustments within days and weeks, rather than months and years. Engaged members are more likely to remain with their current insurance provider if their voices are being heard and needs are being met. Implementing continuous listening can be a challenge to payers due to high feedback volume and data analysis complexities. However, with the right tools, these obstacles can be overcome.

A modern member experience solution

Press Ganey’s Member Journey solution on the Human Experience (HX) platform includes a purpose-built, always-on, continuous listening tool. This technology identifies members to survey either annually or after a triggering event; collects and analyzes data in real time, on a reoccurring basis; displays the data in a modern, easy-to-consume dashboard; and communicates with health plan leaders about needed improvements based on the analysis.

Our unique solution helps health plans listen to members at multiple touchpoints in real time throughout the care continuum, from acquisition to disenrollment. This continuous monitoring strategy lets health plans identify opportunities and respond swiftly to member needs.

Continuous listening is an effective method for improving the member experience. It lets plans swiftly address issues and meet member expectations, leading to higher CAHPS scores and Star Ratings.

Press Ganey has the right healthcare expertise combined with next-generation technology to uncover insights and allow health plan leaders to drive impactful improvements. Reach out to our health plan and member experience team for more information. 

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