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How a health plan earned $21M in revenue with proactive member retention through NPS

Press Ganey leaders Adam Higman (Partner, Strategic Consulting), James Elliott (Principal Consultant), and Brian Voight (Managing Director) discuss how a leading health plan generates revenue through agile, continuous improvement—resulting in $21 million in growth. 

In this webinar you’ll learn:   

  • How to build an NPS program that drives measurable business outcomes 
  • How to create an action-based innovation pipeline to drive the most strategic impact 
  • How to close the outer loop and go beyond break-fix to empower change across the business and your customer experience journey 
  • How to engage and recognize top performers to encourage stakeholders to innovate across your organization

About the author

Adam oversees the Payer solutions team in Strategic Consulting, partnering with clients for over 15 years to improve the consumer experience and outcomes and to make operations run more smoothly. Prior to joining the Strategic Consulting team, Adam was a Vice President of Soyring Consulting, now part of Press Ganey.

Profile Photo of Adam Higman, DHA