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Hear how healthcare experience leaders approach innovation

Learn how leaders in human experience approach innovation at their healthcare organizations.

Video Summary

Healthcare leaders discuss the role and impact of innovation in their field. Jessica Powell from Healthfirst emphasizes how design thinking can lead to effective solutions that meet customer needs. Victoria Chahanovich from University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center reflects on the need for innovation in healthcare, which includes not just technology, but also reimagining patient experiences and staff support.

Brian Carlson from Vanderbilt Health and Susan Pappas from UCSF Health focus on personalizing healthcare and enhancing processes based on feedback. Powell additionally values partnering with Press Ganey for data analysis. Jennifer Baron from UCDavis Health shares her enthusiasm for the forward evolution of healthcare, fueled by innovation.

Video Transcript

Jessica Powell, Director of Customer Insights, Healthfirst:

I love that innovation allows us to use design thinking to examine what our customers need and want, and then innovate ideas and tools that are going to help us achieve what they want and meet them where they're at. Innovation, I think, is both creating something new but also returning back to the customer to make sure that it's effective and adopted and implemented. 

Victoria Chahanovich, Patient Experience Program Manager, University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center:

I think one thing that COVID has certainly revealed to us, and that's something we've already known, is healthcare has kind of always been a couple steps back from where everyone else is, especially when it comes to innovation.

Sometimes we just take things as they are and for how they work and the reason is just because. So when it comes to innovation, it's exciting to look at not only the people who are excited to implement different types of things but also the patients who are looking for that, especially as generations continue to change. What does that innovation look like? 

And innovation, I think, personally, sometimes people immediately think just technology, but I think it's creating the innovation between those tools. So using the technology, but also thinking about where healthcare itself wants to be, where patients want to be, what they want to experience, what they're expecting, and then also obviously supporting our care team members and our staff. 

Brian Carlson, VP Patient Experience, Vanderbilt Health:

Making healthcare personal is a journey. There's not an endpoint to it. So in some cases, the work we're doing is simply maintaining the great work we've done already and building upon it.

Other ways like through innovation, new things that we can introduce to make healthcare personal. I would say that over the next year or so, the struggles of our workforce are real and how can we help them do their jobs just a little easier, just a little more efficient, take something off their plates. 

Susan Pappas, Executive Director, Health Experience, UCSF Health:

And what we've been trying to do is get our hands on feedback that's not traditional, but find ways that could be creative to get the voice in our hands so we can then, within our organizations, can make a difference and help process improve. 

Jessica Powell:

I think partnering with Press Ganey to absorb and understand data is incredibly helpful, especially when we can consider everything that's important and relevant to our data. So not just understanding this one survey as it stands but understanding the key drivers that go into it. 

Jennifer BaronChief Experience Officer, UCDavis Health:

What I love about being innovative is the opportunity to move something forward in a new direction. And I think in healthcare, we are ready for some forward evolution. Healthcare consumers have told us that they're ready for the industry to move forward. I think it's really exciting to be a part of that evolution and change.

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