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What Human Experience (HX) means to healthcare leaders

Hear what Human Experience (HX) means to healthcare leaders from Vanderbilt Health, UCSF Health, Henry Ford Health, Jefferson Health, and other top-performing organizations.

Video Summary

Leading healthcare professionals share their perspectives on the human experience in healthcare. Brian Carlson of Vanderbilt Health emphasizes the role of experiences in personal growth. Susan Pappas of UCSF Health and Julie Goldstein-Dunn of Henry Ford Health advocate for a holistic approach to patient care. Dwight McBee of Jefferson Health and Jennifer Baron of UCDavis Health discuss the importance of integrating all aspects of a healthcare organization to create unique experiences.

Victoria Chahanovich of University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center and Kevin Hill of ECU Health highlight teamwork and strategic partnerships. Krystyna Rastorguieva of Emory WHSC Office of Well-Being, Jessica Powell of Healthfirst, and Cindy Ricciuti-Brown of UCDavis Health emphasize the personal, authentic, and empathetic aspects of the human experience in healthcare.

Video Transcript

Brian Carlson, VP Patient Experience, Vanderbilt Health:

To me, human experience is how we grow, it's how we learn, it's how we develop, and there is no roadmap for that. It's the experiences we have every day that help us to become better people.

Susan Pappas, Executive Director, Health Experience, UCSF Health:

What the human experience means to me is that organizations can look at the people that they are caring for as whole people, as people that need more than just health care. They need emotional care, they need mental and spiritual and physical care.

Julie Goldstein-Dunn, Director, Experience Insights & Analytics, Henry Ford Health:

I think we should all move to the human experience rather than just the care experience because whenever I hear that I think of how do I want my aunt to be treated, how do I want my grandparents to be treated.

Dwight McBee, Chief Experience Officer, Jefferson Health:

Human experience, in my perspective, means you bring together everyone that the systems and the processes and the protocols impact to create a unique and differentiated experience for all.

Jennifer Baron, Chief Experience Officer, UCDavis Health:

To me, human experience is about understanding the entire ecosystem of the health care organization. If you think about it, every day, every person that walks the halls of any of our facilities is having an experience. And it's really important that we as health system leaders think about how we curate experiences very intentionally to provide the best support to all of the humans who are having those experiences.

Victoria Chahanovich, Patient Experience Program Manager, University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center

We always talk about working as a team and doing things together and what does that look like and by bringing human experience to the forefront, it means all those things. It means compassion, it means loving service, it means providing an excellent experience but to look at all the facets of health care and to say how do we get there through these team players that we have.

Kevin Hill, Corporate Director, Analytics & Patient / Family Centered Care, Office of Experience, ECU Health

I think if you don't have a really good strategic partner like Press Ganey, you're going to struggle in understanding where the nation is heading. Can you outrun the curve when it comes to the national averages? But not only that, can you outrun the curve when it comes to the world?

Krystyna Rastorgueva, Director of the Emory, WHSC Office of Well-Being

I think human experience is inherently a shared experience. Being able to be in the moment, present and authentic as you are.

Jessica Powell, Director of Customer Insights, Healthfirst

I think human experience means not just a single moment in time and not just being a patient but being a person. So it's not just health care but it's about their wellness and it's about their journey and about the people who interact with them.

Cindy Ricciuti-Brown, Director of Experience Design, Insights and Capabilities, UCDavis Health

Human experience personalizes health care. It really brings out empathy and humbles you and allows you to really put yourself where those patients are and understand some of the difficult journeys they're on. And maybe in some small way empowers you to make it a little easier for them.

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