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How healthcare’s trailblazers are improving the Human Experience, together

Coauthored by Richard Corder, VP, Consulting Solutions, Press Ganey 

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend and present at ELEVATE PX 2023, The Beryl Institute’s annual gathering, with other industry leaders who are dedicated to improving the patient—and human—experience. Speakers from some of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations and hospitals shared their patient experience expertise. The theme throughout: The future of healthcare depends on deep human understanding. 

To advance the Human Experience, we must make healthcare easier for patients. Connecting patient and caregiver experience; capturing patient stories, not just surveys; and using deep insights to help caregivers personalize care. 

One thing we’ve observed at Press Ganey is the many commonalities in the challenges our clients and partners are trying to solve. Depending on their role, they might be laser-focused on improving ratings; working tirelessly to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion; driven to deliver individualized care; striving to elevate the brand; or preoccupied with building trust and loyalty.  

But healthcare organizations will find no path to improving access, driving clinical excellence, building trust and loyalty, or retaining the best talent, unless they make improving the Human Experience a strategic objective.  

Transforming the Human Experience of healthcare, together 

When we think about improving the Human Experience, we think about the work in four steps. 

  1. Gather. Listen to voices—from patients and employees—everywhere with continuous listening and digital feedback tools.  
  2. Analyze. Analyze all the data gathered with advanced technologies, like machine learning, to connect big ideas in bold new ways. 
  3. Visualize. Visualize and communicate insights across the organization in one place with easy-to-use tools like critical metrics heat maps and performance dashboards. 
  4. Act. With the right information, in the hands of the right people, all aspects of working—and caring—support and sustain improvement over time. 

By transforming together, we mean just that: forming partnerships within the healthcare community and sharing information that will benefit all.  

Celebrating the work of others 

With that in mind, we’d like to give heartfelt shoutouts to some individuals who enlightened and inspired us during our time in Dallas, Texas.  

We celebrate: 

  • Chaplain Adrian Mazur of Cohen Children’s Medical Center, for expanding our understanding of caring for our gender-fluid children.  
  • Brian Carlson, Vice President of Patient Experience at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, for sharing the importance of embracing feelings and listening to ourselves and others with love. 
  • Kim Ross Beasley, Director of Communications and Outreach at A.G. Rhodes, for gifting us with your eloquent reminder that aging can be done with compassion, grace, and love.  
  • D’Rondrell (Ron) Hamner, National Program Manager, Policy, for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, for your beautiful reminder that advocating for our fellow humans is, in fact, what we are here to do.  
  • To Cristina Serrao, Lived Experience Ambassador for England’s National Health Service, for taking us through your powerful, beautiful, painful, and perfect journey, and for helping us see ourselves in it.  
  • To Ai Ling Sim-Devadas, CPXP, Deputy Director of Advocacy and Engagement for Singapore’s Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, for bringing your experience of growing up and blossoming as a mom, a patient, and an elastic Singapore superhero.  
  • Greg Aukerman, Senior Consultant for TiER1 Performance, for opening yourself up to this space and place, and for gifting us with the reminder that “filled people fill people.”  
  • Joseph Narvaez, Assistant Vice President at Northwell Health, who, despite his amazing analytics, reminds us that behind every data point is a human.  
  • And last but certainly not least, we want to celebrate our partners at The Beryl Institute: Jason A. Wolf, Ph.D., CPXP; Tiffany Christensen, CPXP; Stacy Palmer, CPXP; and Russell Senger. Thank you all for holding this important space for these voices and their stories! 

What has inspired you lately, and where could you maybe use a little inspiration? We’d love to talk with you about your experiences and how we might together transform the Human Experience of healthcare. Drop us a line—we can’t wait to connect.

About the author

Chrissy collaborates with teams across Press Ganey to design, develop, and deliver strategies to boost patient experience that are informed by over 400 million patient voices. Chrissy works closely with healthcare organizations nationwide as a strategic and operational partner. Chrissy brings over 30 years of expertise in advancing the patient experience and building an engaging and collaborative culture. Frequently called upon as a guest speaker, she is widely recognized for her pioneering work in healthcare consumerism and physician performance data transparency.

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