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How Mount Sinai captures the Human Experience among employees

Learn how leaders from Mount Sinai Health System capture Human Experience (HX) feedback among their healthcare workforce.

Video Summary

Mount Sinai Health System is championing a program called "Your Voice Counts," aiming to transform the Human Experience (HX) in healthcare. The initiative leverages healthcare employee  surveys to gain insights into their workplace experiences and identify areas for improvement. This engagement strategy recognizes that delivering high-quality patient care is intrinsically linked to employee engagement.

Creating an environment where employees feel listened to, supported, and cared for is fundamental to providing high-quality care emphasize understanding and aligning with their staff's struggles and passions. A culture of continuous employee  listening and commitment is essential to Mount Sinai, and their delivery of patient care. Ultimately, by ensuring a healthy and engaged workforce, Mount Sinai enhances the patient experience, fostering open dialogue with employees and providing care that leaves lasting, positive impressions.

Video Transcript

Diane Rode, MPS, Senior Director of Patient & Family Centered Care, Mount Sinai Children's Hospital:

So here at Mount Sinai, we have really embraced an effort called Your Voice Counts. What it is, very literally, is a survey that staff take, and they offer their impressions, opinions, suggestions around their experience in the workplace.

Denyse Addison, DNP, RN, NE-BC, Director of Nursing Administration, Mount Sinai Health Systems:

The most important thing that we do as leaders is survey our staff. We want to hear from them. We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly, you know, so that way we can shift and pivot and meet their needs.

Vicki LoPachin, MD, FACP, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, SVP, Mount Sinai Health System:

You cannot achieve the quality and safety metrics that you want to achieve without an engaged workforce. They're really the backbone of everything that we do. If our employees don't feel cared for, our patients are not going to feel cared for.

Nicole Porto, MS, CPXP, Director, Experience Strategy, Engagement & Coaching, Mount Sinai Health System:

In order to have a good patient experience, we need to create an environment where our employees can do their best work, and an environment in which they feel listened to, cared for, supported, and heard.

Jane Maksoud, Chief Human Resources Officer, Mount Sinai Health System:

Most people who work in healthcare come because it's a calling. It's not because it's a job in particular, and they feel passionate about the work they do. We need to hear the struggles of the people who work with us, we need to understand where they are, and we need to let them know that we're in alliance with them.

Diane Adams, MS, LCSW-R, Chief Learning Officer, Mount Sinai Health System:

An insight that clearly came through from listening to our workforce is how activated and dedicated and committed they are to helping our patients. It was clear in almost every department, every team that we looked at.

Thalya Onelien, Patient, Youth Advisory Council Member, Mount Sinai Health System:

I'm Thalya. I am 21 years old. I've been with Mount Sinai since the end of 2014. Being heard was such a great  deal to me. Being able to have an open dialogue with medical practitioners of any level. I can tell you about things that happened years ago that are still very fresh in my head because they were broken down in a digestible way for me to understand them, and now I can reiterate it to other people. The amount  of people that inspired me is just too long to even list.

There are people from every single department who inspired me. And then when you experience what it's like to be treated and helped in the whirlwind that is the hospital, it's inspiring but also awe-inspiring. You're like, "Wow, there are so many components to this, but it seems to work."

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