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How listening to patients, families, and the workforce empowers Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

"Lead with love." That’s the motto at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital—a top pediatric hospital based in Hollywood, Florida. Joe DiMaggio is not only a leader in quality and safety, but it’s firmly established a reputation for excellent patient- and family-centered care throughout the region—and beyond.  

Achieving excellent patient outcomes requires listening to children and their families. And it equally requires empowering employees at all levels to step up as leaders—a core value at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. To support the teams on the front lines, the organization leverages Press Ganey’s feedback tools to help them listen to, engage with, and learn from patients, families, and the entire healthcare workforce.  

So, what’s their secret? We spoke to the CEO, CNO, physicians, and nurses at Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital to hear how they’re consistently raising the bar for patient experience—and delivering the highest-quality care—while keeping children and their families at the heart of all they do. Watch their stories below.  

4 ways Joe DiMaggio drives continued excellence across the entire continuum of care


  1. A patient’s story: Feeling heard makes all the difference 

Leading with love: Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

Joe DiMaggio's CNO and CEO detail how listening to patients helps them further the organization’s mission of leading with love. See how they put that mission into practice, and hear from one patient and his mom, who share how the Joe DiMaggio team used their feedback to make changes that matter—and in the process, helped them feel heard, valued, and loved. 

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When my voice is being heard, and I see that action is taken, I feel good within myself. And that has been what’s happening over the years with Joe DiMaggio.”

— Mother of a Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital patient


  1. Taking care of those who care for others: How Joe DiMaggio elevates the employee experience

How Joe DiMaggio supports their staff to drive success

The past few years have taken a serious toll on employee engagement, well-being, and resilience. During the worst of times, healthcare employees across the industry have answered the call and stepped up in significant ways. So we need to ask: Who’s looking after those on the front lines?  

Learn how Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital collects feedback from its workforce. Then, see how they turn that feedback into insights that drive meaningful change across the organization. 

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One of those things that keeps me up at night is, how can I continue to support a very fatigued workforce? Using the library of best practices through Press Ganey, and understanding those questions more deeply, has really helped our teams be able to bring forth what those practices are.”

— Jineal Shinn, CNO, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital


  1. Using digital rounding to better and more consistently connect with patients

How Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital connects with patients using iRound

Digital rounding helps healthcare organizations like Joe DiMaggio collect feedback from patients and staff, then act more nimbly in how they respond. Joe DiMaggio’s CNO shares how this tool helps her and her team develop a clearer picture of what’s happening on the front lines, and informs how they improve the delivery of care.

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Sharing the voice of the patient through our patient surveys and our digital rounding platform—and bringing that back to the stakeholders at the bedside—can help us understand that experience and how our families are perceiving care.”

— Jineal Shinn, CNO, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital


  1. How Joe DiMaggio brings the Human Experience to healthcare, through the power of data analytics

The secret behind the smiles at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

Data helps Joe DiMaggio drive care transformation at the bedside. It fuels change and decision-making, illuminating what elements are going to make a real difference in the patient experience, employee experience, and more. And it lets the organization stay nimble in an ever-evolving industry. See how Joe DiMaggio collects data and uses data analytics to improve the Human Experience of healthcare.

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With Press Ganey as a partner, we share that same core: that we do it for the love of patients, we do it for the love of service to patients—and being able to listen to them.”

— Caitlin Stella, CEO, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

To learn more about Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s success, check out our case study. To get started on your own journey toward Human Experience healthcare, reach out to a member of our team.

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