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How Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital supports their staff to drive success

Learn how Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital supports their healthcare staff to drive success through their partnership with Press Ganey. Watch the video.

Video Summary

This video offers perspectives from key leaders at Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital, including Jineal Shinn, Chief Nursing Officer; Randolph Cohen, MD, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon; and Caitlin Stella, Chief Executive Officer. They discuss the challenges faced by the healthcare workforce during the pandemic, the importance of supporting and continuously listening to staff, and the collaborative relationship with Press Ganey for implementing best practices and driving innovation.

Joe DiMaggio CNO Jineal Shinn acknowledges the significant challenges posed by the pandemic, particularly for nursing staff. Supporting a fatigued workforce committed to providing excellent care on a daily basis has been a considerable challenge. Shinn emphasizes the importance of helping staff understand and cope with these difficulties. Leveraging the library of best practices from Press Ganey, the hospital has been able to support its teams by implementing effective strategies.

Dr. Randolph Cohen highlights the hospital's exceptional leadership, which continuously strives to find elements that bring relaxation and joy to the staff. Supporting one another through shared experiences has been crucial in maintaining morale and motivation.

Joe DiMaggio CEO Caitlin Stella emphasizes the importance of actively listening to the needs and concerns of staff. By conducting surveys, gathering data, and engaging with front-line workers on different shifts and locations, Stella aims to identify areas for improvement. The hospital recognizes the need for flexibility, individual development, and system changes, and emphasizes how Press Ganey helped them achieve these goals. The organization's relationship with Press Ganey is characterized by open dialogue, collaboration, and support, leading to improved patient experience, performance, and innovation within the hospital.

Video Transcript

Jineal Shinn
Chief Nursing Officer
Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital

The pandemic has posed so many challenges to our entire workforce, but especially for nursing. And I think, as a chief nurse, one of those things that keeps me up at night is about how can I continue to support a very fatigued workforce. 

You know, people that are so committed to giving excellence in care and some of those deficits on a daily basis have been very challenging for them, and helping them understand that and being able to cope through that.

I think in using the library of best practices through Press Ganey and understanding those questions more deeply has really helped our teams to be able to bring forth what those best practices are here at Joe DiMaggio. 

Randolph Cohen, MD
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital

Fortunately, we have really great leadership in our department and in our hospital that make an effort to reach out constantly to find the elements that give people some relaxation and some joy. But there are ways that we can support each other through our collective experience and that seems to be the thing that keeps us going.

Caitlin Stella
Chief Executive Officer
Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital

It's a combination of things really. I'm just always paying attention, always listening. Whether that means surveys and survey data; whether that means speaking to staff on the front lines, on all shifts, days, weekends, nights, all locations—you know just trying really to get a sense of exactly what it is that's a need for them, you know. 

What is it that's driving them crazy? I always say, "What’s your crazy?" You know, I want to know what they think can be improved, because they're always seeing things from the eyes of the children that they serve.

It definitely has been a learning curve, but I just think that—loud and clear—the indicators are that the system needs to change and there needs to be much more flexibility and much more focus on individual development. 

Press Ganey is always on board for whatever we ask them to help us with. And then I think that the door swings both ways—there have been many times where opportunities to innovate come up through Press Ganey and they know that we're going to be a place that's on board with change and innovation and doing something new and different. 

And so I think that open dialogue about, “What are our needs? What are your needs? What are our ideas? What are your ideas? has really made the relationship with Press Ganey very collaborative, collegial, supportive, and it really shows in our performance. 

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