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The virtuous cycle of healthcare safety

Press Ganey Strategic Consulting Partner, Steve Kreiser, CDR, USN Ret., MBA, MSM, discusses the role of safety in workforce engagement. 

Video Summary

In this video, Steve Kreiser highlights the importance of engagement and workplace safety in healthcare settings. They stress that ensuring safety creates a sense of security among the workforce, leading to higher engagement. This engagement, in turn, enhances safety awareness, creating a virtuous cycle that drives improvements in quality, patient care experience, and organizational efficiency.

Video Transcript

"The Virtuous Cycle of Safety"

Steve Kreiser, MBA, Partner, Strategic Consulting

One of the most important things in engaging any member of our workforce is to make sure that they have that sense of security, the sense of safety. Because if I feel safe in my work environment and if I feel that the people I work with, the people I work for, are committed to keeping me safe and also doing all they can to provide the resources that I need to keep my patients safe, well, now that leads to greater engagement on my part. 

If I feel more engaged, more involved, more proactive in the work, that's going to now lead to finding things and maybe recognizing the threats to the safety of not just my patients, but my fellow employees. So, it's like this virtuous cycle. 

Safety leads to engagement, engagement leads to safety, and the two of those things together, they create this engine that now drives quality, that helps to improve the experience of care for our patients, and even leads us to being more efficient and effective as members of the organization.

About the Presenter

Steve oversees the Safety and Reliability solutions team in Strategic Consulting, partnering with clients to build safety into their culture, protect patients, and make leaders accountable for safety in their organization. He helps clients run peer reviews and get to the bottom of why things go wrong when they do. He’s also worked with many academic medical institutions to improve cultural indicators and commitment to patient safety. Prior to joining Press Ganey, Steve was a naval officer and F/A-18 pilot, working to make naval aviation safer and more reliable. He retired as a commander with 21 years of leadership and management experience.

Profile Photo of Steven Kreiser, CDR, USN Ret., MBA