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Driving healthcare workforce excellence

Leaders from Intermountain Healthcare and Hartford HealthCare share how an engaged workforce reduces employee burnout, increases job stability, and builds resilience. 

Video Summary

Healthcare industry leaders discuss the crucial role of workforce engagement in enhancing the patient experience. Joe Cabral from Press Ganey underlines the link between quality patient care and a focused workforce. Tracy Church from Hartford Healthcare and Marc Harrison from Intermountain Healthcare stress the importance of understanding barriers, clearly explaining the purpose behind hard work, and treating employees holistically.

This approach not only enhances performance and resilience but also empowers caregivers to deliver superior care. They also highlight the necessity of harmonizing safety, quality, and patient experience across large organizations, which further empowers caregivers. The insights gained from this comprehensive perspective facilitate informed decisions for service improvement.

The ultimate aim is to foster a work environment that supports those dedicated to this demanding yet rewarding work, thereby enhancing the patient experience.

Video Transcript

Driving Healthcare Excellence Through Workforce Engagement

Joe Cabral, MS, Chief Human Resources Officer, Press Ganey:

Today in the healthcare industry, the uniqueness of delivering care to a patient is very different than in any other industry. 

Marc Harrison, MD, President and CEO, Intermountain Healthcare: 

The thing that makes it really extraordinary is that it's a big business that deals with human life. So, you take that emotional content and overlay all the pressures of a big business and a transforming paradigm for healthcare, and it's difficult. 

Tracy Church EVP, Chief Administrative Officer, Hartford Healthcare:

It's really hard work. It takes a very special kind of person, and they're called to it. I believe that at my core. 

Joe Cabral:

If you want better quality and safety, better patient experience, you really have to focus on your workforce.

Tracy Church: 

Engaging our workforce in what it's going to take to provide that highest quality experience is really about knowing where the barriers are and where the challenges are. 

Marc Harrison:

I think we all struggle with this as the industry changes around us, and we either proactively and/or reactively change to keep our organization on mission. It becomes imperative that we share with our colleagues at all levels of the organization the "why." Why are we here? Why do we work as hard as we do? 

Tracy Church:

Our colleagues put everything on the line to do right for the people and the communities that we care for. So, it is increasingly important that we look at our employees and our colleagues as a whole person, and we want to be partners in making sure that we can be at our top performance, hoping to avoid burnout, helping to improve resiliency really across the organization but particularly with our caregivers.

Marc Harrison:

When you're a big organization like we are, it's very easy to get into silos and local ways of doing things. But I would harmonize the safety, quality, and experience across our enterprise. Done well, it's very empowering to caregivers. 

Joe Cabral:

It's not just about engagement, it's about quality and safety. It's about burnout, resiliency, and patient experience. It's taking all of that information, looking at it from all facets, and then figuring out what the data is telling us, which is really the insights. And from that, we can then take action. 

Tracy Church:

It is essential that we build a work environment where people are called to do this hard work. This is the place where they want to come and do that work and deliver on the promise that we have to deliver the best experience to the people we are called to serve.