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3 keys to transforming your medical practice

Chrissy Daniels, Press Ganey's Chief Experience Officer, presents three key tactics that can transform your medical practice.

Video Summary

Chrissy Daniels emphasizes the three pillars crucial to transforming a medical practice - process, team, and communication. The speaker highlights the importance of making patient interactions easy and efficient, fostering a strong, authentic team environment among all staff, and developing effective communication skills to handle the complexities of patient care. These elements, when combined, have the potential to truly transform a medical practice, improving both patient outcomes and team morale.

Video Transcript

Transforming Your Medical Practice

Chrissy Daniels, Partner, Medical Practice Solutions

When I think about medical practice, I think of three things. Number one, process. Have we made it easy for patients to come and see us? Do we make it easy for them to get an appointment, to get through an appointment, to call us when we're not there? 

The second thing is team. Nothing changes in a medical practice until there's an authentic team, and that team is the team of the physician with their support staff, be they nurses, MAs, schedulers, or front desk. An authentic team, a team that knows each other, trusts each other, and would not want to let each other down.

Lastly, I would talk about communication. Most of us come to healthcare; we drive into the office every day, and our goal is to be there to make a difference for patients. But we don't always come with the skills to convey that intent. This is hard work, and nothing in life prepares you to be communicating all day with really sick people. So, systems, teamwork, communication skills. Those three things, when worked on together, can transform a practice.

About the Presenter

Chrissy collaborates with teams across Press Ganey to design, develop, and deliver strategies to boost patient experience that are informed by over 400 million patient voices. Chrissy works closely with healthcare organizations nationwide as a strategic and operational partner. Chrissy brings over 30 years of expertise in advancing the patient experience and building an engaging and collaborative culture. Frequently called upon as a guest speaker, she is widely recognized for her pioneering work in healthcare consumerism and physician performance data transparency.

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