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Imagine new ways to gather feedback with Crowdsourcing

Imagine a new way of gathering feedback, one that engages people in solving problems. Crowdsourcing is totally flexible with time, so participants can take action when it suits them.

Video Summary

Krystyna Rastorguieva, Director of the Emory WHSC Office of Well-Being, discusses the value of crowdsourcing tools in large organizations. She emphasizes the power of these tools in giving people a voice, fostering a sense of belonging and enabling healing.

Rastorguieva also points out how these tools can help transcend the complexity of large organizations and ensure that the ideas and insights from frontline staff don't get lost. She expresses excitement about the potential for implementing solutions developed and driven by those who are directly involved in the field.

Video Transcript

Krystyna Rastorguieva, Director of the Emory, WHSC Office of Well-Being:

The tools, like crowdsourcing tools, that allow us to hear people and then generate solutions that are directly tied to their voices, are incredibly valuable just because of that. The simple act of being heard, I think that's where the healing and ability to belong begins. 

And so I think that is one of the aspects that are inherent to crowdsourcing: the ability to be heard, to voice your ideas. And I think the second one too, there's a lot of power in large organizations, but the downfall is that sometimes they get really, really complex. And sometimes the value or the vision can get lost between the different layers of the organization.

In my understanding, in my mind, crowdsourcing tools can help us transcend those layers and create the solutions and ideas where the voice of the frontline people does not get lost. 

And so when we turn around and we start leading the implementation of any of these solutions, I think that may become even more exciting, and that's where change is not just accepted, but maybe even led by and driven by our frontline people when they know that they have put their heart and soul and passion into developing those solutions.

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