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Understanding Human Experience at scale

The future of healthcare hinges on technological and data-driven innovations that will let the industry be truly human-centric. Learn how national healthcare leaders are breaking silos, eliminating frictions, and delivering Human Experience healthcare. 

Video Summary

Brian Carlson, VP Patient Experience at Vanderbilt Health, discusses the financial struggles faced by the healthcare industry and the benefits of their partnership with Press Ganey. The collaboration allows them to streamline processes and shorten delivery time by making technology reviews and contracting more efficient. By focusing on strong foundations, including engaged teams and providers, the organization aims to positively impact patient care.

Data integration and compatibility are significant priorities, with plans to consolidate various tools into one cohesive platform. This initiative will provide their teams with the necessary tools, techniques, and insights to understand the entire patient consumer journey, thereby modernizing healthcare and removing barriers. Carlson emphasizes the importance of heathcare data collection and using the data to solve problems and improve outcomes.

Video Transcript

Brian Carlson, VP Patient Experience, Vanderbilt Health:
I don't think it's any secret that healthcare is facing financial struggles, and our bandwidth is limited. Our partnership with Press Ganey has allowed us to bring a lot more under one roof, without the need for additional steps like IT reviews, contracting, and the like. This significantly shortens the delivery time from identifying our needs to actually delivering on them.

Kevin Hill, Corporate Director, Analytics & Patient/Family Centered Care, Office of Experience, ECU Health:
If you start with the foundations—the teams, providers, and people you work with every day - and they have a great engagement and experience in their programs—then it reflects positively on the patients and others they take care of. So it really is about the whole picture; it's about the human cause.

Krystyna Rastorguieva, Director of the Emory WHSC Office of Well-Being, Emory Health:
We quickly realized that having one solution that can address multiple problems is very helpful from various angles. In terms of priorities, I'd say that data integration and data compatibility are probably the most significant.

Dwight McBee, Chief Experience Officer, Jefferson Health:
What we're looking forward to is bringing all of these tools into one cohesive platform and equipping our teams with the necessary technology, techniques, and insights across the entire consumer journey in one place.

Jessica Powell Director of Customer Insights Healthfirst:
This is critical in breaking down barriers, removing friction, and moving healthcare into a modernized world.

Victoria Chahanovich Patient Experience Program Manager University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center:
They always say, “Go to the area–ask them the problems and the answers, because they’re the ones who do it. With these tools, we now have more readily available resources for our managers and staff who support both our patients and our staff members. Surveys can provide us with an encompassing look, and by utilizing these tools and having a plan for utilizing the data, we can solve problems and make them better.

Susan Pappas Executive Director, Health Experience UCSF Health:
It is crucial for us to have the ability to understand what is happening now and have the necessary tools to do so.

About the Presenter

Press Ganey, a leading healthcare performance improvement solutions company, offers an integrated suite of solutions that put Human Experience at the center of healthcare enterprise transformation. Delivered through a cutting-edge digital platform built on a foundation of data security, Press Ganey solutions address patient experience, healthcare consumer experience, workforce engagement, safety, clinical excellence and more. Guided by its team of renowned healthcare thought leaders, Press Ganey works with more than 41,000 healthcare facilities to reduce patient suffering, enhance caregiver resilience and improve the overall safety, quality and experience of care. Press Ganey is a PG Forsta company.

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