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Nurse resilience in 2024

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Nurses are the backbone of healthcare. Without their work and unwavering dedication to patients, organizations wouldn’t be able to provide the safe, high-quality care, or optimal experiences, that patients expect.

"Nurse resilience in 2024” analyzes data from over 345,000 clinical RN voices to better understand the nursing workforce today. It explores how to build resilience among nurses by introducing decompression huddles, to ensure all work gets finished, so nurses can disconnect with peace of mind.

Key nurse resilience takeaways for 2024: 

  • Building social capital is imperative. Feeling respected in the workplace is the #1 driver of employee engagement, but 29% of clinical registered nurses (RNs) say their organization doesn’t consistently show them respect. 
  • The activation-decompression-resilience equation is off balance. Activation and decompression are the building blocks of resilience. While nurses, overall, show strong resilience (4.23 on a 5-point scale) and high activation (4.56), they struggle with decompression (3.90). Healthcare organizations must invest resources in helping nurses disconnect to minimize burnout and reduce turnover.  
  • Segmenting data reveals resilience variations. For example, older generations tend to have higher resilience than younger ones. And, while men and women show similar resilience, women experience higher activation and lower decompression. By understanding these differences, healthcare organizations can prioritize interventions and maximize their impact on nurse well-being.

Download our e-book to explore these topics (and more), and start building nurse resilience—as well as thriving teams. 

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