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Engaging staff with the voice of the patient

Press Ganey's Deirdre Mylod, Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation and Senior Vice President of Research & Analytics, explains how sharing the full context of a patient's care experience with staff improves workforce engagement and leads to high-value care.

Video Summary

Discover how leading organizations are revolutionizing staff engagement by connecting them more deeply with their patients' experiences. Learn how shifting focus from abstract quality measures to the nuanced and varied experiences of patients can ignite clinicians' and caregivers' sense of mission and empathy. This approach not only enhances staff engagement but also encourages innovative ideas to improve patient care. Uncover the transformative impact of viewing patient experience as an integral component of healthcare, encompassing safety, quality, and overall positivity.

Video Transcript

Organizations that excel in engaging their staff often focus on providing information about patients that is most relevant to their specific roles. This approach is more effective than simply stating that a quality measure is below the set goal and that there is a need to work harder. For clinicians and caregivers, who aim to create value for their patients, such generic statements do not resonate. Instead, presenting detailed feedback from patients, including the full context of their experiences, proves to be more engaging. This method invites experts to analyze why their patients might have varying experiences.

By encouraging clinicians to discuss their patients and understand the unique needs of each, organizations can invoke a sense of mission and empathy within their staff. This perspective shift helps staff see patient experience as an integral part of healthcare, encompassing not just amenities but also the overall safety, quality, and positivity of the care provided. Utilizing this approach not only boosts staff engagement but also fosters innovative ideas on how to enhance patient value.

About the Presenter

In a joint role as Executive Director, Institute for Innovation, and Senior Vice President, Research & Analytics, Deirdre is responsible for advancing the understanding of the entire patient experience, including patient satisfaction, clinical process, and outcomes. Through the Institute, Mylod partners with leading healthcare providers to study and implement transformative concepts for improving the patient experience. Deirdre is the architect of Press Ganey’s Suffering Framework, which reframes the view of the patient experience as a means to understand unmet patient needs and reduce patient suffering.

Profile Photo of Deirdre Mylod, PhD