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Safety 2025: Accelerate to zero harm

Press Ganey is proud to support industry-wide efforts to reduce avoidable harm and make care safer for patients and caregivers through its Safety 2025 Initiative. Through this critically-important initiative, we are making an investment that removes financial and educational barriers to sharing and learning from safety events across the industry.

Video Summary

Press Ganey's leadership team presents their bold initiative to reduce industry-wide safety events by 80% over the next five years with the Safety 2025 zero harm initiative. They highlight the urgent need for the healthcare industry to prioritize patient and caregiver safety. The team is committed to providing tools, platforms, and insights to their clients free of charge to support their journey towards achieving zero harm.

Video Transcript

Safety 2025: Accelerate to Zero

Every year, thousands of patients die due to medical error, and assaults on caregivers are on the rise. The estimates vary, but one thing is certain: We can, and we must, do better.

Today is the day we disrupt the industry and we take a stand. Today, we ask you to join us in accelerating the industry to zero harm.

Safety 2025 is our bold, landmark initiative, focused on reducing industry-wide safety events by 80% over the next five years.

Through this program, Press Ganey will partner with clients who commit to the goal of zero harm. And we will invest in their success by providing the tools, the platform, and the insights at no cost to support their efforts.

As industry leaders, we have a moral imperative to protect our patients and our caregivers. We must make improving safety across the industry a top priority.

We must come together. Act now. And accelerate our efforts to reduce preventable harm. Together, we can do it.

We've seen organizations achieve as much as an 80% reduction in serious safety events. Individual systems can achieve these results. Why can't our entire industry do the same?

Our executive leadership team, more than 1,400 associates across the company, and I are committed to leading the industry to zero harm.

I'm committed. For the people you care for. For patients. For your colleagues. For the people you love. I'm committed to leading the industry to zero harm. Are you with us?

Pat Ryan, Chairman and CEO

Jessica Dudley, MD, Chief Clinical Officer

Carole Stockmeier, Partner, Strategic Consulting

Nell Buhlman, President and Chief Strategy Officer

Thomas H. Lee, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Tejal Gandhi, MD, Chief Safety and Transformation Officer

Craig Clapper, Partner, Strategic Consulting

Joe Cabral, Chief Human Resources Officer President, Workforce Solutions

Christy Dempsey, Chief Nursing Officer

About the Presenter

As Chief Safety and Transformation Officer, Dr. Gandhi, MPH, CPPS is responsible for improving patient and workforce safety, and developing innovative healthcare transformation strategies. She leads the Zero Harm movement and helps healthcare organizations recognize inequity as a type of harm for both patients and the workforce. Dr. Gandhi also leads the Press Ganey Equity Partnership, a collaborative initiative dedicated to addressing healthcare disparities and the impact of racial inequities on patients and caregivers. Before joining Press Ganey, Dr. Gandhi served as Chief Clinical and Safety Officer at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), where she led IHI programs focused on improving patient and workforce safety.

Profile Photo of Dr. Tejal Gandhi, MPH, CPPS