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Workforce employee experience platform overview

Transforming your workforce to meet the demands of today’s complex and changing health care environment is a critical organizational goal. Press Ganey’s state-of-the-art Workforce and Engagement platform delivers the industry’s only integrated view of insights for critical areas of engagement, resilience, and safety.

Video Summary

This video presents the Press Ganey Workforce & Engagement Solution, a comprehensive digital platform designed to improve engagement, reduce burnout, promote resilience, and increase retention in healthcare settings. The platform offers dynamic reporting, specific metrics and benchmarks, comment analytics, and pulse surveys. It provides a multi-dimensional view of engagement and performance indicators, actionable analytics, and resources for improvement planning. Press Ganey's solution supports organizations on their transformational journey by helping them build a patient-centered culture and engaged, high-performing teams.

Video Transcript

"The Press Ganey Workforce & Engagement Solution"

This state-of-the-art digital platform delivers the information you need to address your organization's top workforce challenges, including the need to improve engagement, reduce burnout, promote resilience, increase retention, and build a culture of high performance. As part of a comprehensive and sustainable framework for workforce transformation, the solution offers dynamic reporting, healthcare-specific metrics and benchmarks, comment analytics, and pulse surveys.

The Workforce Platform is the only tool available that provides an integrated view into engagement, resilience, and safety culture. With benchmarks based on the largest database of healthcare workforce insights, you get reliable comparisons to industry performance to know where you stand. The Team Index and Leader Index work in combination to provide a quick glance at priorities and the health of the workgroups.

Export data easily throughout the solution by simply clicking to view options to export or save as an image. The platform provides a multi-dimensional view of engagement and key performance indicators that provide insight into the organization, manager, and employee domains. With clear comparisons to benchmarks and trends, these domains further target opportunities within the workgroup.

The platform provides powerful and intuitive ways to navigate the organizational structure and provide results that are relevant to each manager and workteam. View performance at the organizational level and then drill down into different parts of your organization to align around top priorities. This entire dashboard and additional summary results can be easily exported into a snapshot report to view and share results.

Press Ganey Workforce and Engagement Surveys offer one streamlined approach to measure and understand the unique needs of employees, nurses, and physicians. For example, view nurse engagement results and simply export the report PDF to support the Magnet Recognition Program application. The platform offers many ways to filter and view results, including one-click access to areas of strength and concern based on score, benchmark comparisons, and response distributions.

To further target improvement priorities, easily drill to item-level information and view highest and lowest scoring items. Comments make performance opportunities even more specific and actionable. Powered by natural language processing, comment analytics are organized by sentiment, volume, and themes, plus the ability to see verbatim comments.

Dynamic Improvement Planning enables you to seamlessly initiate online improvement plans directly from survey results, and easily track and monitor progress to drive organizational change. Tips and best practices are embedded within Improvement Planning. Immediately see recommended ways to address a specific challenge, add it to the plan, and share directly with the manager to get started.

Driving and sustaining improvement initiatives requires expert guidance. The tool contains a series of resources to help you connect insights to action with solution starters, online courses, best practices, and more. All Press Ganey workforce and engagement solutions include support from an engagement advisor, an HR and OD expert who partners with you to build a patient-centered culture and engaged, high-performing teams.

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