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Digital rounding solution platform overview

With Press Ganey's digital rounding platform, healthcare organizations can bring a new level of visibility into their patient experience and drive accountability across the workforce. Request a demo of the digital rounding platform.

Video Summary

Press Ganey's comprehensive digital rounding tool enhances the patient-caregiver relationship by providing real-time data collection and reporting. It streamlines rounding processes, enables service recovery, facilitates staff recognition, tracks quality and safety practices, and offers data-driven insights for operational decisions. Digital rounding improves patient-centered care by promoting accountability and meaningful interactions.

Video Transcript

The relationship between patient and caregiver is critical to delivering the patient promise of safe, high-quality, patient-centered care. With digital rounding, organizations can bring a new level of visibility into their patient experience and drive accountability across the workforce. Digital rounding enables real-time data collection and reporting to drive meaningful interaction and inform critical decisions to meet patient needs in real-time. 

Effective rounding requires a proactive and purposeful approach. Digital rounding helps put the patient front and center, then build compliance and consistency in your rounding process. With the digital rounding status map, you see which patients have been rounded on and those who have not. Click on information from a patient's previous hospital stay for tips about what went well and what didn't. With this information at your fingertips, you can better tailor interactions to address patient needs.

Use smart forms to guide the conversation to make daily rounding a sustainable process. You can use our pre-built forms or build yours from scratch. 

Digital rounding forms streamline conversations with patients and minimize clicks. Using a combination of yes/no, drop lists, conditional logic, and open-ended questions, rounders can gather information critical for measuring patient experience at the unit, facility, and system level. 

With the closed-loop service recovery system, you can respond to issues raised by patients and families without leaving a patient's room. Submit a service recovery ticket to the appropriate ancillary department via email or text message to alert them during your round. From a mobile device, department leaders can view service recovery details and close the ticket once the issue is resolved. With robust service recovery reporting you can easily identify the types of issues that are occurring and where they are most prevalent.

Through the digital rounding recognition process, you can recognize staff for providing exceptional care by sharing feedback from patients, families, and peers. During performance reviews, you can use the recognition report to identify how many times a member of your team has been recognized for going above and beyond for patients and families.

Digital rounding also enables leaders to be more accessible and accountable to their staff with a consistent process for effective leader rounding on employees. Leaders can drive change using employee rounding data to inform action with specific details and examples. Use employee rounding reports to systematically identify concerns, and surface ideas for improvement.

Digital rounding also helps track the effectiveness of quality and safety practices with customizable audits and observation forms to address CLABSI, CDI, hand hygiene, fall prevention, medication administration, and more. 

With digital rounding,  you can hardwire quality and safety commitments, track regulatory compliance, and monitor infection control with real-time data collection. Executive and leadership teams can make operational decisions based on timely, robust data. Digital rounding’s dashboards highlight real-time, unit-level metrics, trends and improvement opportunities, and reveal correlations between post-care survey data, such as HCAHPS, and real-time rounding data. 

View rounding reports directly in the system, or receive reports via email as often as needed. With one tool, digital rounding helps improve leader rounds, recognize and reward employees for exceptional care, and address service recovery issues in the moment. Digital rounding is a comprehensive rounding platform that helps organizations instill accountability and drive meaningful interactions to meet patient needs in real-time.