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PGFusion Integrated Platform overview

With the voices of over 40 million patients and 3 million healthcare workers fused with safety and quality data from 2,000 healthcare organizations, our single, integrated platform, PGFusion, empowers you to spend less time connecting disparate solutions and more time driving meaningful improvements across the entire care continuum.

Video Summary

Press Ganey has launched an updated version of Press Ganey Online, a state-of-the-art Human Experience (HX) platform for organizations seeking to improve performance. The platform features intuitive dashboards with clear visuals of key insights, trends, benchmarks, and patient comments. These dashboards are tailored for various user levels including executives, managers, physicians, nurses, and staff. The platform also allows a detailed view of organizational structure through its highest-level enterprise dashboard view, and health system, service line, and facility views.

The new Press Ganey Online introduces dynamic analytics and dashboards like the Provider Scorecard, Comments dashboard, and the Patient Needs dashboard. It also includes CAHPS survey performance dashboards such as the new Star Ratings dashboard and CAHPS summary dashboard.

To further enhance user experience, the platform offers tools and resources for learning and customization, including a comprehensive e-learning Resource Center, solution starters, online courses, and an advanced Query Tool. Press Ganey’s HX platform aims to help organizations deliver safe, high-quality, patient-centered care by providing a robust and comprehensive view of performance.

Video Transcript

We're excited to introduce the new Press Ganey Online. This state-of-the-art reporting platform will help you quickly identify the greatest opportunities to transform and improve performance across your organization. With powerful market-leading insights, analytics, and comparative benchmarks, this integrated digital reporting platform is designed to help you engage stakeholders, drive improvement, and sustain results.

Sifting through long, detailed reports can be challenging and time-consuming. To help identify your top opportunities, the dashboards in Press Ganey Online deliver intuitive, easy-to-understand visuals that engage all users with a clear presentation of key insights.

The dashboards are all in the same format and layout, with key metrics such as performance and section details, trends and benchmarks, including information about patient comments, and a priority index. You'll quickly see the important information that you’ll need, so you can act and improve.

Each dashboard is designed to present the most relevant view for each user, from executives to managers, physicians, and caregivers. There's the highest-level enterprise dashboard view, as well as system, service line, and facility views.

With easy drill down throughout your organization, you'll have great flexibility to see both high-level and granular details. And with consistent data views across all functions and levels, it's easier to focus and align different parts of the organization on the same priorities.

The new Press Ganey Online includes several totally new dynamic online analytics and dashboards. The new Provider Scorecard dashboard shows results for a single provider, including item-level details such as physician communication skills and the likelihood to recommend the provider.

This is available for the medical practice setting where the survey is specific to a provider. With the new Comments dashboard, users can access a sentiment summary, along with the powerful ability to dynamically search, filter, and view comments by time frame, service, and keyword. Sharing comments is an effective way to connect your staff to direct patient feedback, help remind them of the difference they make every day, and make performance opportunities more tangible, helping to drive improvement.


The new Patient Needs dashboard presents data based on the Compassionate Connected Care framework to help prioritize opportunities for actions to reduce patient suffering. We have also introduced new dashboards for CAHPS performance, including the new Star Ratings dashboard to help you anticipate how HCAHPS or HHCAHPS performance will translate into CMS Star Ratings, and a new dynamic online CAHPS summary dashboard.

What's more, the new Press Ganey Online is easy to learn and use. We've created a series of new tools that can be found in the comprehensive e-learning Resource Center. Users can connect insights to action with solution starters, online courses, best practices, and more. And when you want to drill deeper and customize your information, the completely new Query Tool offers great power to create focused and specific reports. Key new capabilities include expanded data filters and flexibility, and the ability to combine service lines, as well as new built-in graphing and reporting.

As the state-of-the-art digital reporting and analytic engine for Press Ganey's transformational solutions, Press Ganey Online provides a robust view of performance to help your organization understand, monitor, and improve the delivery of safe, high-quality, patient-centered care. Learn more about how Press Ganey can help support your transformational journey.