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Workforce On-Demand Pulse platform preview

Press Ganey’s On-Demand Pulse is a real-time, continuous listening platform that helps healthcare leaders capture caregiver feedback when the need for immediate input arises (Micro Pulse) and at key employee milestones (Lifecycle Pulse).

Video Summary

This video introduces Press Ganey's On-Demand Pulse™, a continuous listening platform designed to help healthcare HR and OD leaders capture caregiver feedback. It features micropulse and lifecycle pulse surveys, enabling professionals to create and manage their own surveys. The platform provides dynamic dashboards to view, filter, and export survey results, and it supports comparisons to national health care benchmarks. The video emphasizes how this tool can mitigate risks associated with burnout and turnover, improve patient safety, and enhance caregiver retention, all by creating an environment of trust and respect. It ends by inviting viewers to learn more and schedule a demo of the On-Demand Pulse™.

Video Transcript

"Press Ganey's Workforce & Engagement Solution On-Demand Pulse™

In a complex healthcare environment, burnout and turnover among nurses, physicians, and employees continue to impact patient safety, caregiver retention, and financial performance. Giving a voice to caregivers empowers people leaders to mitigate these risks in real-time while creating an environment of trust and respect.

Introducing Press Ganey's On-Demand Pulse™, a real-time, continuous listening platform that helps HR and OD leaders capture caregiver feedback in real-time when needs arise and at key milestones. This innovative, self-service platform, which includes micropulse and lifecycle pulse surveys, empowers talent management professionals to build and administer their own real-time pulse surveys anytime. For instance, leaders can select key employee segments based on their most recent engagement survey hierarchy and choose pre-built, scientifically validated Press Ganey Pulse Survey Templates. Both are integrated into the On-Demand Pulse™ platform.

As soon as your pulse survey closes, you can quickly view, filter, and export results to share with others using dynamic dashboards. You can also refine results by hierarchy or key demographics, or view comparisons to national health care benchmarks. With micropulse surveys, you can continuously listen to leaders and teams to prove your commitment to their critical needs such as safety culture, physician engagement, resilience during and away from work, and employee engagement. Or use micropulse surveys to track progress on improvement plans or check in on a key initiative.

The flexible, user-friendly interface empowers your HR and OD leaders to easily set up, administer, and monitor pulse surveys in just four simple steps. Lifecycle Pulse Surveys are also included, remain active, and administer automatically so you can capture and monitor feedback at pivotal stages of the employee experience in real-time, when caregivers are onboarding, and when they leave your organization. This allows you to trend onboarding and exit results over time in real-time.

On-Demand Pulse™ measurement alone doesn't drive change, strategy and execution do. To accomplish this, your Press Ganey workforce and engagement account team provides knowledgeable support and help developing a thoughtful, holistic pulse strategy. Our strategic consulting team can also leverage their expertise and insights from the pulse surveys you deliver to help drive meaningful change in your organization. Ready to get started? Learn more and schedule an On-Demand Pulse™ demo today.